Rick Sichta, Esq.

Rick A. Sichta, Esq.  Rick A. Sichta, Esq.

Richard "Rick" A. Sichta is an attorney who specializes in post-conviction capital appeals at Tassone, Sichta, and Dreicer, LLC in Jacksonville, FL.  Mr. Sichta earned his law degree at Florida Coastal School of Law and has been a member of The Florida Bar since 2003.  He has spoken on the death penalty at University of North Florida numerous times, largely concerning death penalty litigation, penalty phase issues, and appellate practice.  In 2010, Mr. Sichta served as appellate counsel in Ferrell v. State, 29 So.3d 959 (Fla. 2010), in which he successfully argued that trial counsel's lack of mitigation investigation and failure to object to a number of improper remarks made by prosecution left the State's case virtually untested, resulting in the reversal of his client's death sentence. 

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