Maria T. Ortega

Maria T. Ortega is president of MTO Investigations, a full-service firm she founded in 1993.  She brings over twenty-one years of professional experience as an investigator and law enforcement officer in Florida.   Ms. Ortega speaks fluent Spanish.

As principal, she personally investigates every case including high profile assignments dealing with homicide, fraud, narcotics, theft, kidnapping, surveillance, personal injury, discrimination, and trademark infringement.

Prior to opening her firm, she was a senior investigator with the Miami office of Prosegur Worldwide, a Buenos Aires, Argentina-based security and investigations company.  Among the many high profile cases; domestic and international, she served as the lead investigator on a major real estate fraud case which entailed identifying and interviewing hundreds of witnesses, conducting thorough background investigations and preparing witness testimony.

Ms. Ortega also was an investigator and personal security specialist with RYDA Investigative Agency, a Miami, Florida company.

Prior to becoming a licensed private investigator, Ms. Ortega served as a Certified Probation and Parole officer for the State of Florida Department of Corrections.  Her responsibilities included supervising out-of-county probationers and parolees living in Dade County, facilitating job referrals, ensuring community service and compliance, preparing official documentation, testifying before the Courts and working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  Her caseload consisted of more than 100 active clients.

Maria T. Ortega graduated from The American University, Washington, D.C. with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice.   Ms. Ortega is a member of the National Association of Legal Investigators and the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators