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Dubose Brothers Sentencing Continues in Jacksonville - No Death Penalty So Far

By Terence Lenamon

Blog posting on March 8, 2010 at

On Friday, Tajuane Dubose, 23, escaped the penalty of death.  Today, Florida Judge Page Haddock will sentence his brother Terrell Dubose, 21, -- but the judge has already stated from the bench that Terrell will also be spared death, and likewise sentenced to life in prison.  Click here to read more!

Follow the Trial Via LiveBlog - Dubose Brothers in Jacksonville Fight Against the Death Penalty

By Terence Lenamon

Blog posting on March 2, 2010 at

The Dubose Brothers death penalty trial continues this week in Jacksonville, and the liveblog has survived a legal challenge.  As posted last week, the Times-Union and are live-blogging the trial as it happens.  This is a great thing -- a phenomenal way for those interested in death penalty matters to follow the case online when it's not being telecast.  Click here to read more!

Johnny Depp on 48 Hours Today Fighting 4 West Memphis 3, Will He Help the Dubose Brothers?

By Terence Lenamon

Blog Posting on February 27, 2010 at

Johnny Depp will appear this evening on CBS-TV's 48 Hours, bringing attention to the West Memphis 3, fighting against the execution of Damion Echols.  Click here to read more!

State Could Save By Ending Death Penalty

By Jeanette Krebs

Posted on in the Midstate Editorials Section on February 6, 2010

As Gov. Ed Rendell unveils what is expected to be a tough budget this week, here is a money-saving idea: Abolish the death penalty.  Click here to read more!

Amendment to Explore Death Penalty Costs Fails

By JoAnne Young

Posted on on January 20, 2010

Nebraska state senators on Wednesday resoundingly turned down a proposal by Omaha Sen. Brenda Council to determine the costs of carrying out the death penalty in the state.  Click here to read more!