Cynthia O'Shea, Esq.

Cynthia O'Shea, Esq.  Cynthia O'Shea, Esq.

1978 B.A. Fordham University 
1981 J.D. Seton Hall School of Law
2005 -2008 Life Over Death XXIV thru XXVII
2006 & 2009 National Consortium for Capital Defense Training
2009 FACDL's Death is Different
1981-2008 Licensed to practice law in N.J.
2004 to present Licensed to practice in FL.


Cynthia "Cindy" O'Shea is a mitigation specialist, licensed attorney, and cofounder of FCRC who has over 30 years of criminal defense experience.  Ms. O'Shea is a graduate of Seton Hall School of Law, was a member of the New Jersey Bar from 1981-2008, and has been a member of The Florida Bar since 2004.  After 4 years of private practice at Coyle, Howland & O'Shea in New Jersey, she joined the Manhattan Criminal Trial Division of the Legal Aid Society in 1986 where she prepared and tried numerous misdemeanor and felony trials.  In 2001, Ms. O'Shea joined the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender's Intensive Supervision Program Unit, responsible for preparing and presenting mitigation evidence for inmates applying for early release from State Prison.  By 2004, Ms. O'Shea had found her way to Florida and joined the Office of the Public Defender for the 20th Circuit where she focused on serious felony trials, including the investigation and preparation of mitigation evidence for the penalty phase of numerous capital trials.  Her work in the 20th Circuit Public Defender's Office earned her the prestigious Attorney of the Year Award in 2006.  Since 2008, Ms. O'Shea has moved back to private practice both as an attorney and mitigation specialist.  She is the founder and President of Capital Mitigation Consultants in Murdock, FL and has been appointed to serve as mitigation specialist in over 45 capital cases in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana State and Federal Courts.

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